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Chapter: 20
Rating: Nc-17
POV: Blade (Zac)
Summary: The death of their parents broke Taylor and Zac apart. Each of them went his own way of life, Taylor became a famous superstar and never thought that his profession would bring his life in danger someday. Blade (Zac) buried the past and lived his life contentedly in his dark and dirty world as a pimp. Because of some unexpected circumstances Blade got hired as Taylor's bodyguard and the brothers saw each other for the first time after almost a decade. How will they find a way to each other again after the past had put thick walls between

Excerpt: They are selling their bodies, their dreams, their desires, their worth and their dignity. And for what?
For looks of hunger and greed coming from clients who just want that meat.

Authors Notes:
Hello guys, sorry for the long delay. The last month had let us fall behind our schedule a little, but we'll post more Chapters in the following weeks. We decided to include two new additional characters, which will play a small part in our story from now on as well. To give our new characters a face, they will be played by

Chantal (Neve Campbell):

Neve face 5-b

and Lisa (Hayden Panettieree):

Here's Chapter 20. Chapter 21 will be updated soon. Thanks for reading & commenting. ♡

PS.: Please use the Chapter Overview or our inserted Links which will forward you to the next Chapter in the right order.

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With Taylor leaving, we were back to Level 0. Old memories resurfaced me again and I felt like I was trapped in a time capsule.

I knew that a change like that wouldn't be good for me, especially not at this time in my life.
I didn't want to talk, I didn't want to think. All I was longing for was to numb myself...

I tried to forget the past, but since Taylor suddenly crossed my path after long years of being away, it was impossible to put that plan into action. At first he didn't want me as his bodyguard, and now he was running away from me again. After he had abandoned his only family nine years ago, I couldn't understand why he wasn't grateful that I was still here after all. But I had reached a point at which I didn't expect anything anymore from him.

I'd never chosen to be alone, but that was the way things had turned out and I had grown used to it.

I didn't need a fake brother who's got no fucking accountability and was too afraid to face reality. I was used to stand on my own.

But the fact that my only trustworthy friend Santiago imposed an obligation to me to make up for the guilt I caused on him made it beyond all questions to break my promise.

It was probably not hard to guess that I was really glad having a break of seeing my brother's face for several hours. And for sure I knew better than to torture myself with thoughts about him!
Being alone felt so much better than in his company.

So instead of feeling shitty the whole damn day, I preferred to focus on the better side of life.

If Taylor could fucking leave just like that, well, I also had a life of my own. I have a fucking business to run. Literally 'fucking' business. I smirked. There were some matters which needed to get arranged before I had to come back to this bad movie...

So, while I compiled my plan, I went out with Bandito round the block at first before I would piss my own ass off for a while as well.

After the walk, I brought my dog back in the house and barked a few commands to him to watch over the house during my absence before I left. He didn't like to be alone in a strange area, but I needed to get out of here for a while before I would crack up completely.

I was finished preparing the house with new installed cameras. From now on, it remained to be seen if that that fucking Twinky Winky moron was smart enough to stay unrecognized if he would dare to come back...

I would do everything to catch him that this fucking bodyguard nightmare would be over as soon as possible. That Santiago would be satisfied, I could leave Taylor and go back to my own life.

That was my only incentive.

So I sat myself in my car shortly afterwards and started the flux capacitor which would bring me back to the real present.


The more far away I got from Pasadena, the lighter I felt. My first destination was the location of my other working place.

It felt weird that living in a different world made me even miss this dirty, rat-infested district of Los Angeles downtown with it's small time crooks, prostitutes and Johns who were driving around like vultures in Hunger for the meat of women, always in search for their next prey.

It didn't take long until I reached the familiar area of the red light district with it's sex shops, night clubs, bars and brothels. This town is called "City of Angels" but all I see is criminality and victims.


The girls in the windows illuminated in red displayed like mannequins. Many of them were still very young, upward trend. They looked like as if they were showing off purses to be sold. But what are they selling? They are selling their bodies, their dreams, their desires, their worth and their dignity. And for what? For looks of hunger and greed coming from clients who just want that meat. I growled.

Every fucking working day of their lives, they had to serve their customers diligently, despite hunger, discomfort and pain. Had to relinquish power over their own bodies to give over to their paying customers.

Never had days offs, coz every moment is a working one in the red light district.


Their lives simply go around fucking and being fucked. Some slaves were literally kept in cages but others were put on the street to smile and beckon to clients. To an outsider they appear free to walk away from the brothel. But there are invisible ties of fear that bind her to the pimp. And the saddest thing was that, a part of them didn't even want another life. No job in sight, broken families, drug addiction, fucking etcetera brought all those lost souls together...

And I was one of them. Each of us had different stories to tell. Different motivations. For my own part, I whether had a motivation nor a goal. I just wanted to stay dirty. To stay in the dark. Coz it felt like freedom. There were no rules, just freedom of choice. And it felt like home.

In the course of time of staying in this district, I've learned there are three kinds of pimps working in the hustler scene. Some of them just bent their sluts to their own will, beat them up if they didn't make enough money for them. Those kind of pimps mostly own over hundred of sex slaves. They are easily recognizable in their prolly specially tailored suits, waiting on street corners, using dirty poor women to get money. And later blowing it all on spinner's and gold lining for their three wheel cycles.

The second kind of pimps are usually some dumbass middle school teenager who were rich as hell and wore clothes like they were from the ghetto. In the belief that they would have balls when they beat up their girlfriends, but the only one who they would lose their virginity to are their moms. I sneered. Unfortunately, that dim-witted species is ever-increasing.

And lastly there are we outsiders left over. Sick and tired from the fake image of society has built up a small fringe group mingling into this 'business'. We don't live after any rules or imaginations. Like homeless persons who lost their way, we found ourselves aimlessly somewhere apart from the society. We knew that we don't fit in. Maybe because we don't lie to ourselves. Not everybody can deal with ruthless honest persons which don't mince matters in every situation. That's why most of us became mavericks.

You couldn't say we were popular where we reigned, because we didn't bribe the cops that our brothels would stay forever in business like most other pimps did.

We were tolerated at best.

Usually, I could provide shelter and protection over the bitches which were working for me. Perhaps that's why I didn't get rid off them. But now, I couldn't even fucking do that anymore.

I sighed and pulled into the driveway of the car park above my hotel where I had my own parking lot. To leave your car unattended outside in the streets of this part of the town was like shoving banknotes up those criminal butts who were only waiting for their opportunity to mug you, 'specially if you were some rich high society snob that invaded in their territory. Skye was actually lucky that his car wasn't stolen last time.

As if the radio station knew that I was back in the dirty, criminal side of the town, my fate welcomed me with a reminder of the scum of society through which I was swimming...

When the sun sets
The day begins for the pals
They assemble themselves in small groups
And go on the hunt together
On the crusade against the order
An the seemingly ideal world
Celebrating the destruction
Violence and Brutatlity
Only when they see the victims suffering
Do they feel satisfaction
There is nothing anymore that will stop them
In their merciless anger
Twenty against one
Until the blood comes out
Wether with sticks or stones
Eventually every head explodes
The next victim is already there
When you ask dear God,
"Why did you do nothing, do nothing?"

I pushed a clout of my fist on the turn off button. I fucking knew where I was by myself! It didn't need a fucking CBS Local news radio station to inform me about it.

Back at where I actually belonged,
I parked my Lamborghini in my usual parking lot, opened the door of my car, then paid a stupid mother fucking parking fee and walked my independent straight ass into my brothel.

Even though I had spent less than 24 hours with my damn world famous brother, it already felt like an eternity. I would rather have to deal with some perverted johns and fuck their brains out instead of having to see the angelic false front of my brother ever again I thought to myself as I walked my ass to the elevator which would bring me down to the better working place of mine.

Now, it was hoes before bros!

Like usual, I made my round through the hallway to check if the monitoring cameras were intact at first. Then I went into the storeroom to find some proper tools and a plank to refit the window that I smashed to smithers with my old phone yesterday. Provisionally, I hammered the plank over the window frame. That would have to do it for now.

This part of the town never provided a safe home either way.

When I was finished, I headed to the reception room where my blonde receptionist bitch was filing her fingernails behind the counter.

She jumped up from the seat as she saw me coming in, letting her file dropping down.

"Hello Sir," she faked her typical innocent smile in my direction with which she also always greeted our johns. She had that schoolgirl effect on people which worked with most of those perverts, except the demanding costumers with special wishes... or those ones who preferred someone with a brain.

"Lisa, no new customers for the next half hour, I have to talk with all of you girls in my office." I imposed as I walked into the room, reached over the counter and grabbed the weekly record. Without deigning her a second look, I began to juggle some upcoming appointments around and cancelled all of my own upcoming appointments in it.

"But Sir, some of the girls are serving customers right now." Her tone was confused as she looked up to me and she looked a little insecure. Apparently, she was still intimidated because of my bad mood yesterday. So I had to teach her again, which wasn't new.

"I said no costumers for the next half hour, go and tell the girls to get finished, dressed and to come in my office in the next fucking ten minutes. Got it?!"

I looked up from the record, raised my hand, pulled my sunglasses down a little bit and gave her a serious look. She knew very well what that look meant. I never wasted my time with long speeches.

"NOW!" I spat.

She cringed at my shout, nodded and hurried away without asking more dumb questions. At least I hadn't lost my effect.

Mindlessly, I rubbed the back of my hand over my itching nose as I made my way through the hallway to my office with the weekly record in my other hand.


I unlocked the door and walked over to my boss desk where I sat myself down on the comfortable executive chair behind it and continued scribbling in the weekly record, arranging the appointments until my working bitches entered my office after a short while, one after another. Wordlessly, I motioned them to sit down on the couch on the opposite side until I was finished with the paperwork.

When all twelve of them were there, I stood up, put my shades down on the table and threw the record folder beside them. I then walked around the table, positioned myself in front of it and crossed my arms.

So here I was to pronounce the sentence of my guilt and fate. To tell myself and them even more clear that my life would change from now on.

All hopes and wishes to escape were futile. That's what the last two days had showed me in which I attacked against my fate in vain over and over again.

They sat there looking up to me like night owls with expectantly looks as if it would begin to rain money any moment. I frowned. That's why they were here. Earning money. Some with immoral reasons, some with money-grubbing, some of them didn't see any other choice.

Chantal was an exemption. In contrast to Lisa, she didn't sell her body to buy the latest trendy in-crowd shits. She only worked in this business to afford going to college, to pay her college tuition. I had a preference for her, I knew that she was different than my other sluts.

Actually I didn't want to hire her first, 'cause she was too intelligent for this type of job and I knew that too much cleverness might open a can of worms anytime.

But I knew and saw her determination. I knew that she would end up to the next brothel where the next pimp would receive her with open arms and put on a mesh to wrap her around his dishonest little finger, until he would win her trust and in the end would just exploit and utilize her without leaving her any wage at all at the end of the month. So I let her convince me to take her under my wings. So far, she didn't give me a reason to regret the decision.

"I have to change a few things from now on Babes, which you all have to know," I began. "First of all, from now on I will not serve johns anymore, coz I will probably not be able to check this place daily in the next days or weeks. So no new appointsments for me any time soon!"

A murmur went through my audience, but I didn't brought the energy up to react to it and continued talking.

"Second, we will change our opening hours. I want you Babes to close the hotel not later than midnight, got it?" I looked to each one of them, making sure that I had their attention before I continued. "Third, Lisa you will not work alone in the reception area anymore. Chantal will help you from now on! She can count better anyway."

Now they spoke all at once.

"But Sir, that will diminish our income very much if we close three hours earlier. The night hours are the most productive's! What if something dangerous happens? We need your protection. How shall we defend ourselves without you?"

The only way was to outvoice them quickly, before their edge of hysteria would get out of control.

"If anyone here in the room disagrees with the news, there is the fucking door! I'm not gonna stop anyone!"

I shouted, raised my arm and pointed towards the open door to show them that I wasn't bluffing.

That worked every damn time. They all fucking knew that a life on the streets would be even worse for them than to stay, comply and carry out my instructions. They were still pertubed by the announcement but none of them raised her ass and left.

Fucking money whores...!

I turned around and went to the side wall of the room where I had a safe hidden behind a picture frame. I shoved the frame aside and opened it through the combination lock with some simple quick finger movements after making sure they couldn't read the combination from their distance.

Beside a few bankrolls of Dollar notes, I had a Glock handgun in it which was a present from Santiago for the achievement of this fucking job last year.

How fucking ironic, huh?!

I grabbed the gun out of the safe with a sly grin and closed it well before I went back to the place where I stood before.

The girls cringed and stared at me wide-eyed and frightened as I raised the gun up in their direction.
For a moment I was pondering. Perhaps, it wasn't even the worst decision to put an end to all of this and kill us all...

I knew that I was already cursed.

Maybe God would even provide a better life for our lost souls....

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Date: 2014-01-21 04:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm glad to see this story is back! It was interesting to get more insight in Blade's 'other life'. The way he perceive his surrounding world and all the harm happen around him was a great read, it felt real and touching. I guess he really need that break hopefully it will help him to distract from the fight with his senses for a while.

The last lines are making me nervous, please don't tell me that Blade is a suicide assassin...

Excited for more!!

Date: 2014-01-26 01:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank you very much!! We'll update as soon as possible. :)

Date: 2014-01-22 09:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
great Chapter! Zac is so hot in the pictures!! I like it that Zac is not one of of the pimps who treat women bad and that he gave an explanation among the different types of pimps. It helps to understand his personality better and why he is in this 'business'. I wonder what Taylor will think about him when he find out that his brother work as a pimp haha.

Date: 2014-01-26 01:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank you very much!! Glad you enjoyed the Chapter. We'll update as soon as possible. :)

Date: 2014-01-24 06:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh man! Zac rather be hanging out in the dangerous low side of LA than spend time with his brother. Taylor doesn't seem to be so thrill about staying near Zac either.

I'm glad we got to see more of Zac's life. It makes me sad that that is the only kind of life he's known in the last several years. I hope he doesn't really think on using his gun to kill himself and the girls.


Date: 2014-01-26 01:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank you very much!! Yes they both have to realize how much they need each other right now. We'll update as soon as possible to progress their relationship soon. :)


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