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The-Veteran-Cover2 (2)
Chapter: 15
Rating: Nc-17
POV: Blade (Zac)
Warnings: Language, Death, Crime
Chapter Overview: Link

About the Story: The death of their parents broke Taylor and Zac apart. Each of them went his own way of life, Taylor became a famous superstar and never thought that his profession would bring his life in danger someday. Blade (Zac) buried the past and lived his life contentedly in his dark and dirty world as a pimp. Because of some unexpected circumstances Blade got hired as Taylor's bodyguard and the brothers saw each other for the first time after almost a decade. How will they find a way to each other again after the past had put thick walls between them?

Authors Notes: Like promised, here's Chapter 15. Chapter 16 will be posted in the following days.
Hope you enjoy & leave Love <3

PS.: Please use the Chapter Overview or our inserted Links which will forward you to the next Chapter in the right order.

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Once again, I had received another big fat asskick from my older brother instead of just saying some of the most simplest words in the world which should have been

"Thank you"

I didn't even fucking know what I was still doing here to be honest. Apparently, Taylor thought that I didn't have any feelings at all. He was such a fucking liar, how could he say he would appreciate me for coming back when he obviously doesn't want me here to protect him?!

I fucking hated to admit to myself that after all these years, it still hurt me. Instead of appreciating my actions, all he did was question me.

I had spent so many years trying to bury the past, but since Skye followed me like a God given plague and used Santiago like a fucking magic stick to chase me around everything went literally out the fucking window.

After I put my easy job as a brothel owner for stupid bitch whores on ice, I was now here and my fucking brother didn’t even trust me!

As if I ever gave him any reason not to trust me...

I didn't need to be fucking Albert Einstein to see it in the way he looked at me that he felt uncomfortable in my company. I was already used to the fact that famous high society snobs like my brother don't usually associate with the dirty scum of society like me, but just because I didn't give much about the way I look and don't spend half of the day in front of a mirror like he did, it didn't mean that he was a better person than me.

I never gave a shit about fame and society. Standing in the spotlight has always been Taylor's place.

Apparently, I was just the ugly brother, the horrible son. Not even the second choice. I was the leftover. I was not the clever one. I was the talentless one. I was the "why are you even here?"

I'm just not good enough.

And that's exactly how he always made me feel.

So what the fuck else could I expect from such a self-centered person...?!

I went downstairs, plopped my ass down on the couch in the living room and pulled the cell phone out of my pocket. After the dumb faggot conversation upstairs, I was more than yearning to talk to someone 'normal'.

But first, I had to check to see if the fucking phone was clean. The cop faggots checked the house but who knows if they checked the phone of Taylor's dead bitch...

With a sick Freak like Twink Twink, you had to expect everything!

As I had special training as an agent years ago, I was clued-in about possible concealed bugs. It didn't need more than a few seconds until I had opened the plastic frame and disassembled the phone into its components. It was clean so I could use it. I reassembled it quickly and dialed Santiago's number.

There were a few things which I hoped to clarify.

"Santiago's bar!" I heard on the other end.


It was a good sign that Santiago was already awake.

I knew that he also had to deal with nightmares which we were both trying to forget...

"It's me." I wasn't in the mood for a more enthusiastic greeting.

"Blade? Whose number is this? Do you have a new one?"

"Yeah yeah...there is this old Mexican man who was always bothering me on the phone, so I needed another one."

"Real funny. Where are you now? How is your brother?"

"He lives in a fucking faggot brothel."

"Ah, so he's sort of a co-worker?!?"

I rolled my eyes. Either he didn't want to understand or he was not in the mood to cheer a friend up. Fucking great.

"I di
dn't fucking call you to talk about my fucking brother Santa."

"Keep cool soldier! Just tell me how the two of you get along!"

"Fantastic. We love each other to death!" I didn't even try to hide the sarcasm in my tone.

"Good, good. You know that I expect you to protect him well!" He praised, but his tone was determined at the same time. It was about time to tell him the truth.

"I honestly don't think I'm the right person for this job, Red. Last night, I was in the garden for a while and a stranger was able to get into the house without me noticing and he left a lovely note in blood on the floor. When I went back in the house, the freaking motherfucker was already gone. Like I told you, I'm out of practice."

I knew that Santiago hated it when I called him by his code name, but sometimes I'm just a bastard like that. If he could fucking teasing me, I could do the same.

Of course I knew that I was trying to find excuses, I just didn't know how the fuck I could deal with the fucking war in my head between remembering and forgetting the past and my fucking unthankful bitch of a brother on top of that.

Basically, I already knew that he's gonna tell me that I'm just talking bullshit.

"Stop talking that shit, you aren't lacking practice, Blade!"

What'd I tell you?

"I fucking know that you were on drugs last night, SO DON'T EVEN TRY TO LIE TO ME! I'm gonna tell you something, I expect you to do your job properly and in sober condition from now on!"

I had to pull the phone away from my ear because of his angry loud voice, he didn't even give me a chance to interrupt him, but I knew he wouldn't listen anyway...

"Wait, the culprit is a man? You're sure about that?" He suddenly asked.

"Well...I think so compared to the Hobbit feet size prints. A man is in love with my brother 'cause it's pretty obvious that he's a fairy faggot!"

"Stop talking in fucking riddles Blade! That city slicker boy said that he had only sent letters so far and now he has left a note in blood?"

"Yeah, perhaps he was in the mood to decorate the house for Halloween this time."

"Shut the fuck up, Blade and be serious! You fucking know what that means! It might be the next step from the culprit."

Yes I knew what he was talking about. Santiago and I had learned enough about criminals during our common army operations.
It was very obvious that my diva brother was in danger.

"You know what? You should have your dog by your side. Nathaniel can bring him over to you with his delivery van. You know that Bandito will notice any possible nightly intruder right away and stop trying to tell me that you aren't the right person for that job Blade, 'cause I fucking know that you are!" He ended.

I gave in. He wouldn't change his mind, no matter whatever the fuck I was telling him.

Actually, it was a good idea to have my dog by my side. With Bandito's help, I might catch that Freak easier.
The sooner the fucking job is over, the better!

In other words, the fucking smartass was right once again.

So I gave him the address and hung up. Then I called the police.

Instead of talking to Skye's smug police lover cop, I would inform that touchy Detective Wright faggot about the recent incident.

I heard the ringing against my ear, three times... six times... what the fuck do those lazy motherfucking cops...? do they even work at all?!

"Hello, Los Angeles police department, how can I help you?"

I heard a young female voice talking after I finally reached another human on the other end of the line.

"Yeah, I want to talk to someone who has something to say."

"Who is this please?"

"James Bond."

"Is this supposed to be a joke Sir?"

Was I speaking a dead language?

"Fuck no! This is the scary truth doll. Now will you get me to Detective Wright, alrighty?!"

"One moment, I will connect you, Sir."

I sighed. I didn't know how Detective Touchy would react about the news of the recent incident. Probably he would say the opposite of what Santiago just told me and tell me that I'm not the right person for that job, so I was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea...

But surprisingly my expectation didn't get fulfilled; he seemed to be even delighted about my cooperation, even though the news wasn't important enough for him to send out one of his cops for trace analysis. It was pretty obvious that the motherfucking freak didn't use his own blood. The result of a examination would be adulterated. Apparently, I was good enough to do that for them, those fucking lazy cops wouldn't break from their coffee and donut party for news like that.

No wonder the faggots didn't feel safe here!

It was already enough for him to get a photo of the note and to know the size of the foot prints. I sent him the photo via text message, gave him the information that he wanted and hang up.

It was all I could do for now.

I was glad that the two fairies were still upstairs dressing their girly faggot asses, that should keep them busy for a while. Coz the less of their milkfaces I saw, the better!

The doorbell rang and brought me out of my thoughts. I went to the bathroom beside the front door; there was a small window here that made it possible to see who was at the front door.

Apparently the dumb homo cop was unable to figure that out yesterday.

It was Santiago's kitchen slave boy and my dog buddy who were standing outside.


So I pushed the cupboard away from the door to open it.

Nathaniel greeted me with my excited, happily stumpy tail wagging Rottweiler beside him.

"I gave him something to eat this morning," he said.

"Fine, thanks."

I took the leash out of his hand and he walked back to his car. I closed the door when he was out of sight and let my dog hail me excitedly.

"Calm down buddy, that's enough now!"

He didn't seem to take me seriously and jumped up and down full of excitement.

"Warf, warf."

Then he began to snoop curiously around in every corners, probably searching for food like usual.

"No buddy, you got your food already!"

It was useless. If there were two living things in the world who don't take me seriously, they were Santiago and Bandito.

He followed me excitedly back into the Living room, curiously inspecting the unknown area with his sniffing snout.

When he reached the chalk drawing, his breathing became faster and I knew that he smelled the blood. Before I knew what was going on, his eager instinct had taken control and he was busy licking the dried blood from the marble floor.

I was about to stop him when I thought about what would happen when the two bitch chicks came downstairs and seen what happened. Skye would surely begin to rant in his shrill voice while my dainty heartthrob brother faints again or some other girly shit like that.

So instead of stopping him, I let him do it.

This was better, because it wouldn't add another edge of hysteria to the situation.

In no time he had cleaned the blood and marked over the shoe prints with his paw prints. No trace of blood remained and no shoe prints were there either.

"Good job buddy!" I smirked and went into the kitchen to check out if there's anything else eatable for me and him in the house than blood.


video inspiration for this Chapter:

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Chapter Overview: Link

Date: 2013-11-24 05:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I wonder, at what point will 'Blade's' badass walls start to crumble to let Zac realize he loves his brother in spite of all the adamant denial. They WILL break eventually. I just feel it in my bones.

And the video . . Could Zac be any more fucking gorgeous?

Date: 2013-11-25 04:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
they will for sure you're totally right with your feeling. For now we will have to find away how they can get along at all.

Thanks for reading and the appreciation about the video as well, it means a lot! ♥♥♥ If time allows it we will maybe create some more from time to time for future Chapters.

Chapter 16 is online now too. :)

Date: 2013-11-24 08:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hahahaha!!! this Chapter made me laugh so hard, Blade is such a hilarious badass bastard!

On a serious note, it's good to get an insight about his feelings here, to see that it obviously still hurt him and that he is not that completely emotionless like he pretend to be.

Extremely hard and difficult situation for both sides, I'm really curious how that will work between them.

PS.: The cover pic is sexy as hell and the song of the video suits the atmosphere of the story perfectly!

Date: 2013-11-25 04:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank you so much for your amazing feedback!!! ♥♥♥

Yes it is definitely a very hard situation for both sides right now, we will tell more about Taylor's reason for moving out in Chapter 16 which we've just posted.

Thank you for the appreciation for the pictures and the video as well, it means a lot to us! ♥♥♥

Date: 2013-11-25 01:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Another great chapter!

Blade is Badass but his enforced desire and love of solitude are just a defense mechanism against getting hurt imo. Hopefully he'll realise before long that he needs Taylor as much as Taylor needs him.

Date: 2013-11-25 04:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you so much!!! ♥♥♥

Yes there is definitely a hard wall that Blade has built up in himself to bury this feelings to not get hurt anymore, you're totally right about that.

It is a very hard situation for both sides right now, we will tell more about Taylor's reason for moving out in Chapter 16 which we've just posted.


Date: 2013-11-25 06:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Underneath all that rage Zac feels toward Taylor, there's this little brother that just wants for his big brother to love there's still hope for them. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I'm glad Santiago didn't let him of the hook. Zac needs to stay next to his brother...they need each other even if they can't see it yet.

I loved the video!

Date: 2013-11-25 11:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank you so much for sharing your thoughts ♥♥♥

yeah the experience of their parents death must have broke something in 'teenage Zac' that he became slowly to this person to not get hurt again like back then...
it's currently kind of like a revenge of the little brother LOL

We'll continue work on the next Chapters as much as time allows it in the following weeks.

Thanks for the appreciation of the video! ♥♥♥ :)

Date: 2013-11-25 09:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm trying to read chapter 16. But it's not there. The acces denied pops up every time I try to open it :(

Date: 2013-11-25 09:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
sorry it should work now, try this Link:


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