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Rating: NC-17
Genre: Zaylor / Hancest
Pairing: Zac & Taylor
Credits & many Thanks:
zacs_lil_angel2 and pieofthetiger


This is a Zaylor story from zacs_lil_angel2 and pieofthetiger
thanks & credits to them!

Taylor sat on the couch wearing a black half unbuttoned shirt and tight faded jeans, black chucks on his feet. It was a campus party and Zac was across the other side of the room, he looked pretty drunk. Taylor passed the Joint over and let the smoke out. "Hey Zac!" He called out wanting to know what Zac had planned for the rest of the evening, yeah some people thought it was weird that he liked to hang out with his little brother. But they were best friends even though Taylor loved Zac more than he should.

Zac was standing around, talking and laughing with some of his friends. He was sipping on a beer and was feeling pretty drunk. He'd lost count of how many he'd had but he didn't really care anyway. He finished the beer and heard Taylor call him. He put the bottle down and stumbled some as he walked over to where he was sitting "Yeah?"

Taking the joint back and taking a drag, Taylor grinned at him before blowing it out over his shoulder and the flicking his tongue stud against the back of his teeth, he'd got two months ago. He hadn't even really showed Zac. "What are you doing tonight after this I mean?" he asked and smiled widely at his little brother. If Zac didn't have anything planned maybe he'd hang with him, he didn't feel like going out at all.

Zac shrugged "I dunno, nothing probably. Why?" He asked slurring some as he plopped down beside Taylor on the couch, looking over at him.

"I just don't feel like going out is all." Taylor shrugged not wanting to tell him that he liked spending time with him, it made him happy. But he didn't even think Zac noticed him THAT much. But they were brothers anyway.

Zac nodded "Oh ok, you want to hang out or something then?" He asked him. He didn't mind hanging out with Taylor, he was actually pretty cool to be around most of the time.

Taylor smiled widely and rubbed the piercing over his teeth. "Yeah sounds good with me. My dorm room has a pool table now we could play some pool after everyone heads to the clubs." He suggested before hiding his tongue in his mouth again. Its not that he thought Zac would hate it, but more their parents would kill him.

Zac smiled "Sounds cool" he said then noticed Taylor's tongue ring. "Dude, when did you get that?" He asked having not really noticed it before.

"Uhhh like amonth ago." he blushed and flashed Zac his tongue, kinda proud of it. Mike his roommate said it was hot, and the fact that Taylor had a long tongue and it impressed the girls and boys a like... the ring that is.

Zac smirked looking at the ring "Nice, I like it" he said. He had always thought tongue rings were cool but he didn't know if he would want one or not.

"Yeah he sure kisses good with that thing." Taylor's eyes widened and he stared at Justin. Shut up." he laughed and yanked the boys beanie down over his face, trying not to blush, he'd been drunk, very drunk.

Zac laughed "Hmm yeah I'll bet so" he said. He had always heard kissing someone with a tongue ring felt good but he'd never done it before.

Taylor blushed a little more and looked at Zac biting down on his lip. He looked up when people started heading for the doors, sign that everyone was moving on to night clubing. "You CAN go if you.. you know.. wanna." He stummbled a little.

Zac grabbed another beer and opened it, taking a drink. He knew he really shouldn't have anymore but he did it anyway "Go where?" He asked looking at Taylor.

"You know out clubbing, you dont HAVE to play pool with me if you don't want." He watched Justin stand up and follow after them, "Bye Tay, Zac..." He called out and Taylor stood up looking at Zac with a grin. God he so shouldn't stare. He looked at Zac questioningly and waited.

Zac shrugged "It's cool, I don't really wanna go anyway" he said watching the group of people leave then he stood up, sitting the rest of the beer down and looking at Taylor. "Come on, let's go."

Taylor smiled and led the way toward his dorm room, Craig and Markus would be out which meant the whole room to themselves. "You wont tell mom and dad right Zac?" He asked rolling the piercing over his bottom lip as he opened the door and walked in.

Zac followed Taylor to his dorm and shook his head "Nope, your secret is safe with me bro" he told him as he walked inside the room.

Taylor grinned even wider and walked towards the pool table sitting on it and swinging his leg flicking his tongue stud against his teeth, a soft rattling sound reaching his ears. "You wanna set it up?" He asked trying not to stare.

Zac nodded "Ok, sure" he said walking over to the pool table and setting the balls up. He grabbed two pool sticks and handed one to Taylor "You can break."

Taylor nodded and carefully slid down off the table he smirked at Zac and poked tongues at him, his black and pink hello kitty ball flashing before he grabbed the stick. He bent over and lined up his shot pulling back going in close coming back out, his back flexing until he broke the set sinking the red solid 2 ball. He then grinned at Zac impishly and bent over missing his next shot cos he'd started to stare at Zac alittle.

Zac raised his eyebrow seeing the Hello Kitty on the tongue ring and he just laughed. It was typical of Taylor to get something like that. He watched Taylor shoot and sink one ball then miss the next. He took his turn, sinking one. He grinned and took the next shot, knocking the cue ball in "Damn."

Taylor giggled a little and wink playfully as he passed, blushing almost as soon as he did it. he grabbed the cue ball and took a deep breath. He shouldn't flirt with him, even though he liked him, he was still his brother he was so distracted by his thoughts he missed the next shot cussing softly.

Zac raised his eyebrow as Taylor winked at him then he laughed as he missed. "Nice one Tay" he smirked playfully as he took his turn, sinking one ball. He took his next turn and sunk another one then he took his third shot missing it.

Taylor huffed a little and took his shot getting not one, nor two but three glancing up and meeting Zac's eyes on the fourth, his concerntration faulting and he missed the cue ball completely. "Fuck."he muttered shaking his head.

Zac smirked as Taylor missed the cue ball and laughed some "Something distracting you Tay?" He asked smirking at him.

"Uh... n-no, not at all..." He practically squeaked and swallowed heavily before trying again only hitting it a little. 'I'm...I'm off my game..." he muttered moving away and trying not to stare at his ass. He shouldn't have got high.

Zac smirked "Uh huh sure" he said taking his turn and sinking two balls then missing on the next shot. "I'm not that distracting am I?" He smirked joking.

Taylor's eyes widened and he blushed a little shaking his head and biting down on his lip, "No not at all. W-why would you be?" He asked quickly, maybe alittle too quickly. Zac had two more balls and then the 8 ball. He cleared his throat and looked at his balls and relized he was only one behind and still had a chance. He hit two balls in and then missed the third groaned and making a face.

Zac laughed seeing Taylor blush "Chill dude, I was just joking" he said, noticing how quickly he'd answered. He shrugged it off and hit his last two balls in, then sinking the 8 ball. He smirked "I win."

"Out of three." Taylor challanged... maybe he should play dirty, Zac was drunk and might not react badly. He bit his lips and waited for Zac's answer.

Zac laughed and shrugged "Ok sure," he said setting the balls up again."I'll break this time" he said. He broke and knocked a solid ball in then took another turn and missed. He stepped back to let Taylor take his turn.

Taylor brushed past him, making sure he walked to close, he wondered if Zac would catch on and play along with it could get interesting. Taylor cussed his slightly dirty mind and took his shot bending down and 'accidentally' bumping his ass into Zac's crotch. "Shit sorry." He said sounding like he really was but a smirk on his face as he hit in two stripes, knocking in a solid and cussing softly.

Zac felt Taylor brush by him then felt his ass bump his crotch. He figured it was an accident so he just shrugged it off, smirking asTaylor knocked in one of his balls. He took his turn and missed "Damnit."

Taylor almost laughed and he this time took the stick from Zac claiming Zac's was better and dragging his fingers slowly over Zac's as he took it shooting and getting one in a smirk playing on his lips as he looked over at Zac, he couldn't believe he was even doing this. He bent over and aimed slowly licking his lips with his stud. He purposely missed the next.

Zac smirked and realized what Taylor was doing. He watched him shoot then he walked over behind Taylor, his crotch pressing into Taylor's ass as he took his pool stick back and walked over, taking his shot and sinking two balls then missing the next.

Oooh so Zac could play dirty and dirty it was, kind of felt good too. A bit TOO good. Taylor walked over to his bumping most of his body up against Zac, grabbing the cue and he took it a step further sliding his tongue out to ghost over Zac's lower lip, disappearing again as he turned away and bent down taking his shot and missing the second.

Zac smirked and shivered some as Taylor's tongue slid over his lip. He walked closer and took the stick, his lips lightly grazing over Taylor's neck as he passed. He bent down, taking his shot and missing.

Taylor wasn't sure he could take any more shots, the feeling of Zac's lips against his skin made him feel warm inside, his stomach fluttered. Taylor passed and smirked as he slid his hand over Zac's ass squeezing before grabbing the cue from him and .. (of course) missing his next shot, feeling breathless and slightly turned on.

Zac smirked as Taylor squzzed his ass and he took the stick, his hand sliding down Taylor's chest and over the front of his jeans before he turned and took his shot, sinking one ball then missing the next.

Taylor didn't move from the spot Zac had left him, he stood there trying to ignoring the tingling in his groin. They were even right now a draw so far. He walked over to Zac and pushing their hips together, pausing breathlessly before taking the cue and turning away shooting two and missing his third, one more and the 8 now.

Zac couldn't help the soft groan that fell from his lips as Taylor pressed their hips together. He bit his lip and walked over, putting his hand over Taylor's on the stick then pressing their lips together, pulling away a few seconds later and taking the stick, missing his shot. He couldn't concentrate on the game anymore.

Taylor's eyes rolled when Zac kissed him, it felt so good, better than it should, he knew he had the start of a hardon, and right now he didn't care if it was showing. He walked up to Zac and tried to pull the skin but Zac was holding on to it. "Zac give it..." He breathed and then smirked leaning close and kissing him, darting his tongue into Zac's mouth, his stud dragging over Zac's tongue before he spun with the stick and missed, fuck fuck fuck, he was turned on.

Zac felt Taylor's tongue ring slide over his tongue and he moaned, biting his lip as Taylor turned back to make his shot. He took the stick from Taylor and dropped it on the floor, he didn't care about the game anymore. He walked over to Taylor and kissed him again, pressing their hips together.

Taylor gasped and groaned loudly, kissing him back and dipping his tongue back into Zac hot mouth, his arms circling Zac's neck as he pushed closer pushing his hardening groin into Zac's with a soft sweet moan. He used his piercing to massage over Zac's tongue and bottom lip, feeling himself getting even harder.

Zac slid his arms around Taylor's waist, pulling him closer with a groan as he felt himself harden against Taylor's already hard crotch. He moaned as Taylor's ring massaged over his tongue and he kissed him harder backing Taylor against the pool table.

Taylor moaned and pushed himself up so his ass rested on the edge of the pool table his legs wrapping around Zac's waist as he continued to kiss him, moaning into Zac's mouth as he rubbed their hips together his tongue tangling with Zac's He buried his hands in Zac's hair and moaned loudly into his plush sweet lips. "Ugh Zac." he whimpered softly.

Zac moaned more, his hands sliding over Taylor's thighs as their hips rubbed together. He sucked at Taylor's tongue and moaned in his mouth "mmm Tay."

Taylor's hips lifted as he felt Zac's hands run over his thighs causing his cock to twitch in his pants. "T-touch me... pleasee." He breathed as he dropped his own hand down cupping Zac's hard bulge, his hips bucking as Zac sucked at his tongue, Taylor kissing him harder.

Zac moaned, bucking against Taylor's hand. He slid his hand over the bulge in Taylor's jeans, rubbing him through the material, his lips trailing across Taylor's jaw to his neck and sucking at the skin.

Taylor automatically dropped his head back giving Zac better access to his throat. "Oh...oooh godddd." he moaned rolling his hips. "Zac.... I think I want you.. to..." He groaned unable to finish his sentence, he felt too good, his hand tightening around Zac's throbbing cock through his pants.

"mmm... want me to what?" He whispered in Taylor's ear, nibbling his earlobe and moaned as Taylor tightened his hand, his hips jerking forward "Ugh god" he groaned biting his lip.

"I want you to... ugh... take me..." He moaned and opened his blue eyes to stare up into Zac's big brown eyes. "I wanna... I know shouldn't want to, but i wanna break in this pool table with you." He smirked and shuddered beneath him, "Please.... undress me..." He breath hoping Zac didn't hit him for it or anything. God he wanted his brother so much, almost as much as he loved him.

Zac looked at Taylor for a minute before he slowly smirked and pulled back some, lifting Taylor's shirt over his head and tossing it on the floor. He slid his hands down Taylor's chest and over his jeans, unbuttoning them and tugging them off.

Taylor blushed slightly and kicked his jeans to the floor, he hadn't worn boxers tonight because they were a bitch to fuck around with when you were drunk. "I wanna see you Zac." He breathed tugging Zac's shirt over his head and staring down at Zac bulge not even thinking about his own nakedness anymore just wanting to see Zac's.

Zac noticed Taylor's lack of boxers and he smirked. Looking at Taylor he bit his lip and grabbed Taylor's hands, putting them on the button of his jeans as he smirked.

Taylor sat up properly and slowly undid the button, tugging the zipper down and smirking as he saw Zac wasn't wearing any underwear either. "Mmmm I like a man with a similar mind..." He breathed and wriggled Zac's pants down some wrapping his fingers around Zac's thick cock and squeezing. "Mmm so big." He purred licking his lips and looking Zac over. "Kick them off."

Zac blushed some and smirked, moaning as Taylor wrapped his fingers around his cock, squeezing him "mmm." He kicked his jeans off and pushed Taylor back on the pool table, crawling up on it and laying over Taylor.

Taylor smoothed his hands down Zac's back and cupped his ass, pulling their bodies closer together, his lips pressing against Zac's shoudler. "...You have a tattoo?!" He breathed and looked down at it, and he was sure he got even harder. "Oh fuck you're hot." He moaned and then bit at Zac's neck, bucking his hips upwards.

Zac moaned as Taylor grabbed his ass and pulled them closer, their hips pressing together. "Yeah... I got it a few months ago" he said, tilting his head some as Taylor bit at his neck "mmm" he moaned, his hips grinding down into Taylor's.

"I want you Zaccy..." Taylor half whined half moaned his hips lifting. "Please I need something..." He begged. "...Anything..." He moaned, thought he'd only ever slept with one other guy and Zac was HUGE compared to him. He felt his nipple ring rub against Zac's chest tugging at his nipple and making him writhe beneath his brother.

Zac sat up, straddling Taylor's thighs as his hand slid down between Taylor's legs, his finger rubbing at his entrance. He looked at Taylor's chest and just now noticed the nipple ring. He smirked "Your nipple is pierced too?"

"M...Mmmm..y-yes." Taylor moaned his hips rolling some as Zac's finger rubbed against his entrance. He glanced down and then smirked, pulling his own nipple by the nipple ring. "It feels good." He groaned and tugged Zac's head down. "Bite it." He demanded with a soft giggle, it was nice feeling a little in control though he wasn't sure how Zac would take it.

"It's fucking hot" he said smirking as Taylor pulled his head down and he bit his nipple, sliding his finger inside him slowly and groaning at the tightness.

As Zac bit down on his nipple Taylor's ass tightened around Zac's finger and he moaned pushing his ass closer to his finger with a moan. "Oh god yes, but don't go slow Zaccy, just uh...." Taylor reached down and shoved Zac's finger into him quickly and deeply, arching upwards in pain and pleasure. "Oh fuck yes." He moaned and licked his lips, his nails scraping over his back.

Zac groaned, moving his finger as he sucked at Taylor's nipple. He added another finger, shoving them deeper as he kissed Taylor's neck, biting at the skin.

Taylor widened his legs and pushed towards Zac's fingers with a moan, god he wanted more and soon. Zac's mouth on his nipple was making him writhe in pleasure, his body bucking and moving around under him."Please.... Zac just fuck me." He whimpered, he couldn't wait any longer and even though he knew it was going to be more painful he still wanted it and he wanted it now.

Zac smirked and removed his fingers. He positioned himself at Taylor's entrance and slowly slid into him, moaning at how tight and warm he was. It felt so good. He brought his lips to Taylor's and kissed him deeply.

Taylor hissed in a breath as pain pushed through him, yet at the same time Zac filling him was so fufilling. He grunted softly and returned the kiss. "Fuck... you're sooo... ungh big..." He whimpered and hooked a leg around his brother, pushing his ass back against him, ignoring the pain, and focusing on the pleasure, Zac's lips, the way his body felt warm against his own.

" fucking tight" he muttered biting Taylor's bottom lip and sucking it into his mouth as he rocked his hips slowly at first then faster. Taylor felt so amazing he knew he wouldn't be able to last long. He kissed Taylor harder, his hands sliding over his hips as he thrust deeper into him.

Pain... pain... PLEASURE. Oh god. Taylor writhed beneath his brother and moaned loudly, his legs tightening as he felt Zac plung deeper making his whole body jump and arch off the pool table as Zac hit a spot deep inside of him. "Oh god, please... oh that's... uhnn..." Taylor couldn't even say a full sentence, his head falling from side to side as he grabbed at Zac's hair and kissed Zac roughly, darting his tongue deep into Zac's mouth. "Touch me... I want your hands everywhere..." he purred thrusting his body to Zac's pulsing cock.

Zac groaned and sucked at Taylor's tongue, his fingers circling around Taylor's throbbing cock and pumping him to the rhythm of his thrusts. He trailed his lips across Taylor's jaw to his neck, kissing and sucking hard at the skin as his moved his hips faster.

Taylor squirmed more and more, his hips thrusting, pushing, arching, bucking and following the tingles of pleasure that Zac was creating in him. "Fuuck." he moaned as his hips bucked again, Zac's cock rubbing faster and faster over his throbbing prostate, Zac's hand only pushing him closer and closer. Taylor let his head fall back to the green material beneath him. "God... I'm guna... ughhhh." He moaned loudly, his nails scratching hard at Zac's back as his body rocked closer to his brothers, making his ass clench around Zac as he got even closer.

Zac smirked as Taylor squirmed beneath him, liking his brothers reactions to what he was doing to him. He nibbled at his neck, growling as Taylor's nails scratched hard at his skin. He tightened his hand around Taylor's cock, pumping him faster as his hips thrust even faster. He moaned feeling Taylor clench around him and it brought him even closer. He knew he wouldn't last much longer. "Cum for me Tay" he purred huskily in Taylor's ear, sucking his earlobe into his mouth.

Tears pulled in Taylor's eyes, tears of pleasure, lust and heat. He whimpered as he felt Zac thrust faster, harder, his body starting to become so slippery from sweat it was almost sliding across the green material, his hair clinging to his face. Zac's lips wrapped around his earlobe and Taylor cried out his whole body bucking wildly. "ZAC!!!" he practically screamed out his cock twitching and then sending wave after wave of cum over his lower stomach and Zac's hand, his face and chest going bright red in pleasure.

Zac groaned feeling Taylor clench around his throbbing cock as he came and he bit his lip, thrusting harder and deeper until he finally reached his peak "Fuckkkk TAYYYYYY" he screamed out as he shot his load deep inside Taylor's ass, collapsing over him as he panted.

Taylor gasped as he felt Zac plunging deeper and deeper into him, then he felt him release and he cried out with him, his arms tightening around his brother as he collapsed over him. "Oh my..." He whimpered softly, part of him shocked at what they'd just done, and another part disapointed that it was over, he already wanted more, and they'd barely even finished.

Zac closed his eyes for a minute, the though of what had just happened sinking in as he sobered up. He didn't know what this would mean for them now but he hoped it wasn't just a one time thing. He opened his eyes and lifted his head, looking up at Taylor, not sure what to say.

Looking up into Zac's eyes, Taylor blushed and bit down on his lip. "Well... this is kinda weird..." He muttered and then giggled, shifting and then groaning alittle as it made Zac slide out of him some. "I... you.. I mean... it was good." He blushed and smiled crookedly.

Zac laughed some "Yeah... it was" he said biting his lip then nodding with a smirk "It was very good... but what was it?" He asked "I mean, was it like a one time thing or.. what?" He asked looking down into Taylor's eyes.

The thought of it being only a one time thing sent Taylor's stomach and he probably looked horrified, he'd spent most of his life in love with his brother. And now he was closer to him than he had ever been. "I... I don't want it to be." He blurted and his blue eyes widened and he blushed, desciding to play it off as just sex. "It was good... you..." he couldn't believe he was about to say this, and it was true but not the reason why he wanted it again. " got me off better than anyone ever..." He revealed, and bit his lip. He couldn't tell Zac he was actually in LOVE with him... could he?

Zac saw the look on Taylor's face and he laughed some and shook his head "I don't want it to be either" he said blushing some and smirking "Oh really?" He asked raising his eyebrow. "Well it was definitely at the top of my list of the best sex I've had" he said smirking more.

Taylor let out a soft sigh, Zac had believed him, that was good. He blushed a little and bit down on his lip as he smiled coyly at his brother. "Hell... you can own my ass any day." Taylor threw a playful wink Zac's way and inwardly groaned, Zac could throw ANYTHING Taylor's way and he'd take it, he could own everything, his heart, his soul and just everything that was Taylor.

Zac smirked "I think I'd like that" he said moving his hips some, his cock sliding in and out of Taylor's ass teasing a few times before he pulled out and moved off him, standing back up. "I'd love for you to own mine sometime" he said with a wink before he grabbed his clothes and started redressing.

Taylor moaned lowly as Zac teased him with a few more strokes, making his hips lift even though he was spent. At first he just lay there, spread across the pool table, his chest heaving before he slowly sat up, his hands trying to smooth down his hair. he slid down off the table and glanced at Zac and blushed as she found himself staring at Zac's ass as Zac talked about Zac's ass, still naked.

Zac finished putting his clothes back on and he smirked, looking at Taylor and seeing he had been staring at his ass. "Like what you see?" He asked teasingly as he wiggled his ass some.

Taylor blushed BRIGHT red and looked down. "Maybe..." he mumbled trying not to smile as he grabbed his own clothes pulling them on and wincing a little bit. God he was going to hurt like a bitch in the morning... like a bitch, did this make him... like Zac's bitch? No because Zac said he wanted HIM, Taylor Hanson, to own his ass, which meant there was no bitch, that was a relief. He licked his lips and looked up after he was dressed. "So who won the game?" he giggled softly,

Zac smirked "I think so" he said then bit his lip as Taylor winced "You ok?" He asked him then laughed some and shrugged "I have no clue" he said, he really couldn't remember much of anything from the game honestly.

"My ass hurts, come kiss it better." Taylor remarked playfully and then giggled more, "I don't either, so we could say that it was a draw of wit and... among other things." He laughed and walked up to Zac, touching his waist softly. "So this makes us what then exactly?" He asked slightly hopeful.

Zac laughed "Aww poor baby" he said then nodded "Ok we'll say that then" he laughed and slid his arms around Taylor when he walked over to him. "Hmm, I don't know, brothers with benefits?" He laughed and shrugged, he really didn't know what they were now.

Taylor laughed fakely, trying to make it as happy sounding as he could, so he wasn't 100% happy with the turn out, but at least he got to show affection... right? He plastered a smile onto his face and moved closer their bodies pressed close. He liked this feeling, it was well and truly comforting and wonderful. "B-rothers with benefits." He nodded, his voice raspy with want and adoration.

Zac smirked and pecked Taylor's lips as he pressed their bodies together. "I think I'm going to like this" he said resting his forehead against Taylor's and smiling. He never thought anything like this would happen, but it wasn't like they were in love or anything, they were just having a little fun.

Taylor shivered and forced himself not to react to the feelings that coursed though him when Zac kissed him. "I think I am too..." He admitted though he knew he'd like it a lot more than Zac.  He closed his eyes and didn't look into Zac's he felt like if he did then he would have no control and Zac would tear apart his very soul. "I guess we ... better go to our separate dorms..." He whispered wistfully, keeping his eyes closed.

Zac nodded "Yeah.. we should. I'll see you later Tay" he said moving backsome. He turned and walked to the door then looked over his shoulder at Taylor. "You sure you're ok?" He asked him.

Taylor nodded briskly and turned away. "Plenty fine... as I said... my ass hurts..." He lied heading towards his bedroom in his dorm room. "I don't have class tomorrow afternoon, so if you're looking for me... I'll probably be here." he murmured softly, glancing over his shoulder at Zac, but not meeting his eyes.

Zac bit his lip and nodded "Ok, I have a class tomorrow afternoon but I'll probably come by after... around 6 probably" he said then opened the door, heading out and going to his dorm. He walked in and saw his room mate already asleep. He quietly he stripped to his boxers and climbed into bed. He sighed and closed his eyes, drifting off.

As soon as Zac left Taylor crawled into his bed and believe it or not he even cried, this whole situation confusing him more. Was it sick that he was in LOVE with his brother, not anymore sick as it was to fuck him. Taylor closed his eyes and after an hour or so of tossing and turning, he fell asleep, half dreading and half craving the next day.


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