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Chapter: 31 - Revenge Part 2
Rating: Nc-17
Warnings: Language, Death, Crime, non-consensual sex, human trafficking
POV: Taylor
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About the Story: After the death of their parents, Taylor and Zac went their own way in life. Taylor became a superstar and never thought his chosen profession would bring danger into his life. Blade (Zac) buried the past and lived his life contently in the dark and dirty world as a pimp. Unexpected circumstances bring them together after almost a decade apart. How will they overcome the shadows of the past and move forward?

Authors Notes: Chapter 31 had to be posted in two parts. This is the second part of Taylor dream / nightmare Chapter. We have talked about this segment since we began posting The Bodyguard. Our ideas didn't fit to the main plot, so we ended up writing some additional dream Chapters instead. We hope you don't feel confused because of that.
The content of this dream Chapter does not affect the main plot in any way.

Warnings: This second part of Taylor's dream Chapter contains non-consenual sex. We fully understand that not everyone can read, write or even listen about such scenes. So if that's too much, please skip to the next Chapter 32

Special thanks: to itztigress3 for the great help!

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Chapter 31 Part 2:

Zachary shut the door behind him and guided me inside the room. "Get to the bed. I want to fuck you. Move!" He barked directly and clearly, not mincing his words and pushed me towards a double bed in the middle of the room. I stumbled towards it and quickly moved away from him as he let go off me. As fast as I could I crawled to the farthest edge of the bed but at the same time I was too afraid to not watch what he was doing, so I turned around and faced him even though I was scared and intimidated by his brutality and his unscrupulousness. Anxiously, I rested my head against the red velvet of the headboard as a head support while he was locking the door before he eventually turned to me.

He emptied his pockets and took his dark sunglasses off. A smirk played around the corners of his mouth as he looked sideways in my direction with a look in his eyes that I've never seen before. They were dark and smoldering and the smile on his face which had always made me laugh in childhood days looked so mean and vicious now. It had something evil and threatening. Even though he didn't say something his appearance and expression were enough for me to back off in fear. The dim lit made the room look kinda dreamlike. I huddled up in a corner like a scared bunny as he impaled me with his cold black eyes.

His frame darkened the sight of the lamp as his dark shadow cast toward me. Cold shivers came over me in waves and I was freezing. I began to shiver and instinctively moved away from with every step he came closer.

I've never been scared of my little brother before. Until today. Zac could be a pretty terrifying guy when he wanted to be. We became more different than I could have ever imagined. He looked so brutal and violent in his aggressiveness and I was so delicate with my slightly feminine facial features. Even though he was my younger brother I felt so weak and inferior compared to him. What I experienced this night was the creepiest thing I've seen in my life.

"Zac, Blade... if you need money, I can give you however much you want. You just need to say how much and I'll write out a check."
I tried to negotiate even though I knew my chances were very slim.

He put his gun down on a small table in a corner and scoffed despiteful.

"Do you really believe you can pay your debt with money, Taylor? No, this time you're not going to ransom yourself and steal away. For once in your life you're going to face your problems and not run away."

"I'm still your brother Zac. You can't do this."

"You want to be my brother? You don't even know me!" He glared at me sideways with such a scowl. I don't think I've ever received such a dirty look in my life.

"Then tell me what I can do for you, I'll do anything! I'll work my debt off for you, but please don't sell me Zac."

I almost couldn't believe my offer to work for him, but realizing how helpless I was, I was willing to do anything.

"No, I can't let you work for me here; your pretty face is too famous. I have other plans with you."

"What... what happen to you Zac?"

"What happened to me?" He scoffed again and stretched his arms out. "I grew up. THAT is what fucking happened!"

"No. I don't recognize you anymore. Who are you?"

He walked to the foot of the bed after that question and stared down to me. His eyes were still dark and furious. I felt he wouldn't let me go. All his anger seemed to have absorbed any feelings for sympathy. Like a wolf he was staring back, with such hatred in his eyes, growling at me. He looked scary. I knew Zachary always had an animalistic side to him and it seemed that the animal in him was breaking out right now; an inherently savage animal that no one could ever tame.
I nearly screamed with horror as he suddenly jumped and pushed me roughly into the mattress like a wild animal catching his prey.

“How dare you ask me that?! Look at me! Do you know what you’ve taken away from me? You took away my fucking childhood you coward bastard! Look at my face! Did you even see me the morning you left? Did you see me at all? Tell me how I looked! Tell me that you saw my face! Did it ever fucking cross your mind that your little brother might not find it so funny to be left alone days after losing his parents? There’s an unwritten rule Taylor, families should be there for one another. Tonight, I take what you took me from. You are going to pay for what you’ve done to me. For what you did to me back then.”

I looked up at him scared, trying to to shift unobtrusively even farther away from him with each sentence he spoke. I could see thin blood red veins of wild rage in his shrewd dark eyes, he glared at me with such piercing intensity like he was staring into my soul. I didn't know what I could do, so I dug my fingers into the satin sheets and grabbed them tightly to have at least something to hold onto.

"What... do you want from me?" My voice was shaking terribly and I was so scared that even my hands were trembling.

"Your innocence. Just like you took mine. Nine fucking years Taylor, nine fucking years!"

I was frozen in shock when he actually unbuckled his belt and removed it, tossing it aside. I heard the buckle when it hit the floor. I went to rise up but felt him against me, pushing me back down. He was absolutely sure of knowing what he wanted and that he was going to get it.

"Stay right there Taylor. You might be my big brother but from now on you do whatever I tell you." My savage brother snarled in a low growl before he leaned his upper body over me and I was surrounded by him. There was no where I could go. He put a hand on my face, on my cheek, and his other hand reached around and held my ass cheek, his breath stroke over my bare skin in cold untamed fury.

"Lie down." He instructed sternly. I could feel his weight when he came to the bed and sat up to kneel behind me.

I felt like I should have been able to protect myself, or should have been able to stop it, or should have been able to say “no” more often or more clearly.

"Get off me, you savage animal!" I shouted firmly as I felt a blast of his lacerating breath stroking over my neck, animalistic hunger in his eyes. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to suppress the fear and desperation in my tone.

Helplessly I squirmed under him, my body and soul didn't want to relent. I tried to fight him off but he was just too strong for me. I didn't expect his brutal assault when he grabbed my collar and pushed the back of my head into the pillow. I had not expected the strength in his arms. His nostrils flare with beastly intent and I felt like his prey as his breath stroked over my face with each word he spoke directly in my face with the most contemptuous expression possible.

"You thought you wouldn't need to care about me. Your little brother is about to take savage revenge for what you've done to him. For all the injustice that younger siblings experienced because of their older brothers which didn't give a shit about them. Unfortunately, the government does not do enough. So, I supplement it to keep things balanced. It's the day of reckoning! You're gonna bleed tonight. 'Cause today I'm gonna take what's mine."

"I'm sorry Zac. Please let’s talk..." I stuttered in shock because of his violent outbreak.
There had to be some way out.

"Talk? No Taylor. It's a little late to talk, don't you think? It's impossible to make up for nine fucking years with talking! No pathetic, hypocritical apology could ever excuse for that!" He snarled with utter determination.

Ignoring my pleas for mercy, he grabbed my waistband, undid my belt and my pants. During this he was holding me down with one hand and with a strong jerk of his other hand he was pulling down my pants and underwear. I trembled more as he removed them and tossed them across the room, followed by my socks and shoes. The bed was soft and cold on my skin, the room softly lit.

"No, I'm afraid... please let me go." I shouted panicky.

"Your girly fairy ass needs to get fucked and spanked hard!" He answered definitely without any sense of shame and started to rip my shirt off. I hated when he said such vulgar things and he knew that, but there was nothing I could do to stop him. My face flushed red and I instinctively covered my lower abdomen with my hands in shame when he sat up to remove his leather jacket and shirt. I felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment as I could feel Zac's eyes on my most intimate and private of all places and although maybe there was nothing to be ashamed of because he was my brother, I felt vulnerable being so exposed and the guilt and shame were very real emotions.

"Zac, I'm sorry. Please don't do this." I pleaded anxiously and tried to swallow the hard lump in my throat which made it harder for me to speak. My voice shivered so hard but I didn't care anymore. Soon I lay there, completely naked…shaking like a thin leaf, not knowing where to look…

"Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining Taylor. Get ready to bleed rich bitch. My time has come."

Within seconds he unzipped his pants and positioned between my legs, then he pulled my legs upwards, grabbed my hips and pulled me vigorously closer to him. I didn't want to see what he did but his movements were too surprising and unpredictable.

"Zac, I am your brother. Your family. You cannot have sex with your own brother." I objected, his cold-blooded indifference and brutality made my fear worse with every second.

"I don't give a damn who you are. Because of you I do not have a family anymore."

His indifferent, toneless voice scared me and made me realize that it was pointless to beseech him again. He was so hard and determined that I sensed no begging would work with him.

My brain started racing with panic. "Help..." I desperately screamed my head off. In an instant, he covered my mouth with his hand.

"Screaming won't help you Taylor, but if you don't stop resisting, I will have to handcuff you to the bed. So will you behave now, princess?"

My eyes got wet and teary. I could only nod under his firm grasp. Apparently it wasn't fast enough for the loud, wild, aggressive animal above me though. After taking his hand away from my mouth, he suddenly punished me with a harsh spank on my butt.

"Ah!" I gasped out in pain and surprise. In my innocence, I nearly couldn't believe what he did.

"Say it." He ordered aggressively without any sense for patience.

"Yes, I will behave." I didn't dare hesitate this time.
My instinct was to fight back and defend myself but I knew I wasn't allowed to get in any trouble. It felt like he was completely in control of me.

"What?" Apparently unsatisfied, he gave me another hard smack on my butt that caused me to make a loud high pitched squeak.

"Yes Sir, I will behave." I uttered, intimidated by my brother. My mind was screaming at him to stop however, my body did what he told to do. I was surrounded by my fear and his cold lack of emotion as I listened to Zac's commands. He was fearless and decisive. He was a leader. He was stern and took charge. And he spanked me and dominated me in bed.

"Good, that's the tone I like. See? That's the difference between saying yes and yes sir. Girl like you need to do as told and no bullshit. Your pretty ass is all fact I think I should leave a mark so you'll remember who the fuck it belongs to tonight."

I whimpered in a weak response. My blood froze in response to the possessive gaze that swept over me from head to foot. I took a deep breath of air, trying my best to compose myself somehow. I didn't want to see what he was doing but I was scared to close my eyes.

Silently, he sat up, sniffed back his snot noisily, and then spit into his left hand. Apparently, it was all that Zac planned to use as lube. It was primitive, it was gross.
Shivering, I watched him move, his unexpected outbursts had a very intimidating effect on me. His motions were aggressive and deliberate like an animal preparing for a feast.

I wanted to prepare myself of what was about to happen, but I couldn't. I guess no one could ever be prepared for such an offence. My younger brother wanted to rape me and there was no escape.
I shuddered and whimpered as he spat on my clean asshole in his unhygienic manner.

Once he moistened his cock with his saliva, he pushed my legs up higher, I pressed them together but he just pushed his knee between them and roughly spread them wide as if I was a girl.

"Now be a good girl and spread wide for me, pretty princess." As he confirmed my thoughts I felt a flush of shame that crept into my face and down my neck instantly because he saw me as a girl during this act as it if was just a matter of course; apparently not giving a damn about my true gender. The rape in itself was obviously not enough for him. He considered it necessary to dominate me.

My fear took control over me as he moved closer and I tried to wiggle away from him. I panicked, because I never had anal sex before. Also, I couldn't deny that the size of his cock made my fear even worse. He was so big I knew for sure it would hurt badly.

"Stop it Zac. This is a crime. I'll report this offence."

"Oh he's back on his senses. Resistance is futile, beauty."

"Stop it, or I'll have to arrest you."

"Arrest me? But you were too afraid to do anything a while ago."

"Please let me go." I begged with my eyes nearly about to tear up since I knew I’d be crying soon.

He reached for my necklaces, I shied away from his touch which made him smile, a thin cruel smile that told me it was going to happen whether I wanted it or not. I knew he was going to do it.

"Don't worry. I'll make you forget everything. You are going to dream about it Taylor. Your dreams will be about my cock and you getting fucked by it all night long. So stop resisting prissy princess. I am going to fuck you hard, whether you like it or not. I'm gonna ram this bad boy deep inside you. Your ten million dollar ass is my reward."

At this point, I told him to stop in the most serious tone I could utter; I fought more because I didn't want this. My back arched up, but his weight kept me pinned down. He kept spitting in his hand and wiping it on me. He told me I wasn't wet enough, and kept smacking me down there. Then he stuck it in. As I felt the tip of his cock pressing forcefully against my ass, I was terribly frightened. I humiliatingly found myself yelping out in pain and begging him to remove it. His smiling tauntingly delivered response "ah, I'm sorry wimp, is your little brother hurting you?" did nothing to soothe my shattered male ego.

I just couldn't suppress it; he pushed his cock into me without any preparation. I remember everything, the way he smelled, and the way he looked. All I was able to do was to analyze the situation.
I could clearly see and sense that he had a strong, natural impulse to dominate someone in bed.

He grabbed my ankles and told me to watch as he raped me, and then he kept on pushing his manliness into me. The pain was unbelievable. I thought my butt would tear open. Deeper and wider it stretched and I was crying and pleading for him to stop. I felt his cock slide up inside of me farther than I thought possible until his lower abdomen was fully pressed against my own privates. It felt like he was hitting my stomach with his cock.

"Fucking little fairy slut, you have a pussy ass" he groaned. "It's made for getting fucked." He grunted in a animalistic tone. The scent of his animalistic hunger lingered in the air. The scent of my fear. The scent of his authority. The scent of my surrender. The scent of sex.

I didn't realize how deep a cock could go
I closed my eyes and let him. I realized I had stopped crying. He carried on for what felt like forever and thrusted in me like an awakened animal, a sexual beast I had never seen before, demanding and domineering.

"Blade, please stop it..." My crying had faded to shaky whimpering. His cock was pushed so deep inside me. Squirming, I turned my head from side to side, unable to bury my face into the pillow to muffle my cries for mercy. In desperation I tried to reach for the nightstand, hoping to find something to hold onto, but he took my wrists and held them firmly above my head when he felt me try to free myself.

"Shut up or I'll shoot you in the face." He shouted with brutality. I flinched and my eyes widened in terror. As I looked up to him into his dark eyes, I suddenly saw that there was a tear running down his face. He still looked angry but he was crying. It was creepy.

Why was it so creepy to see Zac crying?

It took him a few minutes of forceful thrusting to penetrate me and reach orgasm. He didn’t go slowly, he didn’t use lubrication, he didn’t ask for consent, he didn’t check-in before, during or after, he never stopped to see if I was OK.

"Hold on, it hurts. Please Zac, I need a minute." I pleaded through gasping breaths, but he wasn't listening.
He was getting even more aggressive and began moving so roughly that I gasped at the power and strength of his movements. Nobody had ever taken me so hard. He was rougher than anything I'd ever experienced before and it seemed to go on forever. I pressed the side of my face to the cold satin and squeezed my eyes shut because it hurt so much.

"I say how hard you're getting fucked, bitch! You're getting fucked until I'm satisfied.
" was his merciless response. He never stopped. He just held me down with my arms and continued fucking me brutally. His hard thrusts hit a sensitive spot in me of which I did not even know existed and I felt more defenseless the more he aimed against it. I couldn't help the signs of my physical reaction; the shudders through my whole body and goose bumps popped up on my skin every time he drew closer.

"Zac, oh god…what are you doing to me?"
Our eyes locked on each other while his sweat was running down on me. The entire time my cheeks were burning bright red with shame. I would have hidden my face if I had not already tried, been caught, and warned of the consequences if I did anything but facing the situation.
He seemed to like that his big brother was afraid to even look at him. Blade was not unaware that his cock and my ass was in clear view to me. Having his cock so deep inside of me only seemed to hammer home to the point that my little brother was completely controlling and dominating me, it just humilated me to a level I never knew existed.

"Fucking the innocence right out of you what I should have already done years ago." He answered back, ignoring my whimpers of pain. His hard thrusts took my breath away. My little brother had made me his bitch. He pinned my arms down and really gave it to me, I could barely take it.

Gasps and moans which I had tried to suppress until that point were uncontrollably tumbling my lips. I felt ashamed and embarrassed because it seemed that my vulnerability turned him on, but I just wasn't able to stop what was happening to me. I was vulnerable to his advances. My younger brother had full control over me.

"Hold still princess. We're nowhere near finished. Yeah, that's it." Zac growled in a dominant tone, his words came out in raw, animalistic tones.
He'd got himself into the perfect position to hold me, and for his cock to hit my prostate every time he landed. I moaned, high and loud as he pushed his cock all the way inside of me again and again, his hands keeping such a strong hold on my hips to prevent me moving away. I did not have any chance to free myself from his firm grip.

"Please don't thrust so much Blade... " I yelped a girly yelp as he accelerated the pace and couldn't help but shake. He kept fucking me so hard that I reached a point when I thought I couldn't take this anymore and nearly passed out. I lay there with my legs wrapped around his shoulders and made small insecure noises while Blade's inner beast was fucking my brain out like there's no tomorrow. I blushed at the girly sound of my whimpers which involuntary escaped my lips. The pain was so intense it was almost numbing. He called me a princess and fucked me like I was a whore.

"You're moaning and squeaking like a chick Taylor. Why am I not surprised?!"

I felt my flush growing so deep it was hurting and I wanted to tell him to shut up but I thought I was really going to die, so I stopped fighting him.

"Yeah, whimper for me like the girly bitch you are. Higher, louder." He ordered coldblooded and slapped my ass harshly once more to signal me that he didn't allow any hesitation.

"Yes sir." I obeyed and whimpered submissively in fear, pain and shame.

I was so scared, I just gave up and I thought that if I just did what he wanted I would just be raped and I wouldn't die. He actually made feel inferior and submissive to him. He was so brutal and ruthless that I couldn't do anything. I knew Zac could do whatever he wanted with me. He knew where his load was going, and so did I.

"Please Zac, let me go..." I wept my pleading words on the edge of despair.

"You're not going anywhere princess. Not until I filled you with my cum so everyone else, including that new owner of yours knows you were mine tonight! You're my slut! You've always been my slut, you fucking bitch. You're terribly mistaken if you think that you can leave me and not pay the fucking consequences!"

I had lost control about myself completely. I felt like I was about to faint, I actually wished for it but my fear and the roughness of Zachary's thrusts into my ass kept me awake.

"What a lovely fairy you are in your submissiveness. Your new owner will love it." Blade seemed pleased about my demureness. The humiliation seemed to have no limits. I knew that this experience burned so deep into my soul that I would never forget it. I also knew it was exactly what he wanted to achieve. It was Zac's savage revenge for what I had done to him nine years ago.
He utterly and completely humiliated me, took such control of the situation, assumed such power, there was really no way to fight against him.

Helplessly, I was gripping the sheets so tightly my knuckles had turned white. His touch became more aggressive and greedy with every thrust in me. I didn’t try to fight him off anymore or struggle to get away. I began to weaken completely and stopped struggling. I was too shocked by what was happening. I froze. I dissociated. My mind shut down momentarily and I imagined myself in the back yard of my home, sitting in the grass, waiting for the assault to be over. I remember feeling cold and paralyzed and wanting to look up at the sky. My mind went somewhere else so that it could spare my body the weight of having to deal with the rape. It was strange. My body knew what was happening but I couldn’t make sense of it all. It’s like I didn’t feel like I could do anything about it, so I just shut down until it was over.

In the end he made a few low and hoarsely animal sounds in his throat, lifted his head up, clinched his werewolf teeth as his panting grew deeper and with one last thrust he shoved his full length into me and held still. He firmly held my hips as he reached orgasm and shot raw loads deep in my ass.
I could feel the fury of him and I could feel the throbbing inside of me. His cock acted as a loaded gun and his loads shot in my body like a blaze of a gunfire as he was shooting inside of me, hard and fast.

I thought it would flow out, but he held his position; his cock was completely buried, the base in contact with my asshole, his cum was shooting straight into me. Finally he stopped, and I sobbed as he let go of me. My ass was filled with so much cum of my younger brother that a long dribble of cum leaked out when he pulled put of me. The sudden coldness made me shiver. I felt his eyes on me, watching his cum slowly running down my inner thighs.

"Right" he said, staring at me intensely "you may just be a proper girl now, slut." He proclaimed harshly and slapped my ass one last time. I couldn't feel anything at that point, I was too numb by what just happened. I just lay there in my naked pale body, helpless and defiled. The only reactions of my body was the timid blinking of my eyes that reminded me that I was still alive.

After he moved away, I sat up and went into the adjacent bathroom to the toilet and blood and cum was leaking out of me.
I just sat there and cried. I couldn't believe what my younger brother had done to me.

I cleaned myself up and came out of the bathroom a little while later, the room was empty though. Blade was gone and his pistol too. He wasn't there anymore but I could still smell him on me. Silently crying, I sat down on the bed. My backside was so sore I couldn't even begin to express how much it hurt. My heart was still pounding fast from the worse experience and I was freezing. The stains of blood on the white sheets were like a piece of evidence of my anal defloration. I had pressure marks on my hips from where he held me and my ass cheeks were crimson red from where he spanked me. You could actually see hand prints on my butt, my younger brother had slapped me so hard.
I wanted to burn the sheets in hope to erase the memories, but I felt so exposed in my naked body that I just wanted to cover me. It took me two attempts to grab them and wrap my vulnerable self into them because my hands couldn’t stop shaking.

Could we ever wipe away the shame we just brought into the blood of our family?

"Zac, what have you done to me?" I whimpered and cried, not from pain, but vulnerability. I curled up into the sheets, seeking to no avail for anyone’s comfort. He never made feel so defenseless and totally submissive to him before. I was left ultimately vulnerable. I so felt dirty and humiliated, I didn't want to feel anymore. I wanted to scream, I wanted to burst in tears, I wanted to kill myself... but all I could do was to stare at the wall in silence. I startled as I suddenly heard a knock at the door. I didn't want to see anyone in my vulnerable state. Like a timid fawn I jumped up and shifted to the far most possible corner of the bed. The last thing I could remember was the noise of the creaking door when it slowly opened and I recognized the dark frame of a person standing in the doorframe.

Who was it? My stalker? The man who bought me, or Zachary...?

Disclaimer: Please know that Zac's acting in this Chapter has nothing to do with the real character of Blade / Zac in the main plot and does not affect it in any way because this is a Taylor dream / nightmare Chapter. To skip to the next Chapter please use our inserted Links. Thanks for reading! ♡

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