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Chapter: 55
Rating: Nc-17
Warnings: Language, Death, Crime
POV: Taylor
Chapter Overview: Link

About the Story: The death of their parents broke Taylor and Zac apart. Each of them went his own way of life, Taylor became a famous superstar and never thought that his profession would bring his life in danger someday. Blade (Zac) buried the past and lived his life contentedly in his dark and dirty world as a pimp. Because of some unexpected circumstances Blade got hired as Taylor's bodyguard and the brothers saw each other for the first time after almost a decade. How will they overcome the shadows of the past?

Authors Notes: Update Chapter 55! Next Chapter in February 2015. Enjoy

Excerpt: "I call it my 'I have no future, so what's the point look'."

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Zac and I were sitting at the bar drinking Dr. Pepper together like good old times. It was like a piece of lost youth that we were trying to catch up with, but would never come back though...


Since I finally felt better, I also felt my confidence coming back. I knew that I had some important decisions to make which were ahead of me.

I wanted to tell Zachary what happened back then. He should know the story of the past before we part ways; that was the least I could do for him.

The meeting with Nat's family was coming closer and I was getting uneasy the more I had to think of it. That's why I wanted to wait until the meeting was over to tell Zac the truth... in my own way.

We sat in silence for a while which was ok, because there was a bond between us which I felt that it began to connect us. For the first time in nine years we could remain silent and equally know that we were getting along through our brotherly bond.

Currently there were only a few people near the bar, luckily no one was paying attention and no one recognized me. Zachary was still watching the curtain that lead to the back room where Santiago was with that strange man.

I could not help but notice Zac’s hair, it was a total mess, yet he seemed to not care about it at all.

"Blade?" To avoid any risk I called him by his code name. The other people were concerned with their own interests, but it was better not to run the risk. I still felt insecure about that. To introduce Zachary to the public was unimaginable. Even less because of Twink Twink... whoever that was.

"Hmm?" He averted his eyes from the curtains and turned to me.

"Your hair is a total mess." I pointed out, giving him another once over.

He didn't respond but just looked at me under his
disheveled bangs like he was waiting for me to say something else.

"So what?" He eventually asked confused. Did he even have any idea about bodily care?!?

I glanced down at my new Armani suit before I looked back at him. To be honest, I even had purporsefully chosen new dress shoes with flat heels, so I wouldn't look even taller beside my little bodyguard brother.
Ultimately, you can never have too many shoes anyway. I have always taken care about my dressing, skin care, hairstyle and personality.

"Your hair is sticking out in all directions. I bought myself a new suit and I let myself get shaved because I'll meet the family from my dead wife later and you walk around at my side like a scarecrow Blade."

He also wore the same clothes since three days by the way.

He scoffed. "And?" He asked again.

I rolled my eyes.

"If you aren't planning to get changed before we meet my in laws you could at least brush your hair for once."

"I fucking showered today, what else do you want?!?" Zac's reply was more a final statement than a question. I liked his scruffy look too but it wasn't the right time to say that. There was an important meeting ahead of us and I couldn't meet my genteel family in law with a brother who looked like a wild indian. His scruffy look and his rumpled hair looked like he just fell out of the bed.

He shrugged; reached into his jacket pocket, rummaged around and eventually fished a tattered scrunchie out of it. He pulled his hair back and was about to tie his hair with it.

"No wait, let me do that. I mean... if you don't mind?" I asked, suddenly founding myself a little bit excited. Hastily, I took my bag for a hair comb. I
always carry around my big purse full of stuff that I never use, but I always think that one day I might need it right there. I remember having a comb somewhere in my big purse and was spasmodically looking for it because I can’t find things when I need them. This was one of those moments. Unlike me, Zac looked less than thrilled though.

"Is that really necessary Taylor?" He frowned at me as I eagerly began to conjure up my toiletries bag.

"Oh come on. Don't be like that. I'd like to do that." I requested in a sudden thrill of anticipation. "I think I’ll be able to handle your hair."
I said, and accidently said it in a cutesy voice. Feminine behavior was totally natural to me and a lot of times I didn't even know when I was doing it. My eyes were sparkling as I found the comb. "Aha!" I exclaimed to myself excitedly with girly enthusiasm. Hurrying, before he would change his mind I reached over and smoothed his hair down before I began to comb his thick lion mane. He didn't feel comfortable but he kept silent, at least for a while. It was weird how Zac and I were exchanging our roles, because it was moments like this when I felt like his big brother again. I continued combing until I got caught in a very thick knot of hair, at first I tried to comb it out carefully but it didn't work, so I had to pull harder.


"Ow what?"

"That hurts like a motherfucker!"

I let out a heavy, irritated sigh because of his language.

How could I ever introduce him properly to someone when he talked like he was born in a gutter?!?

"If you would brush your hair more often, you wouldn't have such a jungle on your head."

"I call it my 'I have no future, so what's the point look'," he replied sarcastically. As as strange person, I would probably have laughed about his statement. As his older brother who cared about him I could read the truth between the lines of his joke though and it let me lose my temptation to scold him for the remark he said before.

I thought about what to reply as we were suddenly distracted by some loud voices coming out of the back area of the bar, one of them clearly belonged to Santiago. Zachary immediately threw the comb aside.

"I don't have time for that frivolous crap anymore Taylor, something is wrong over there." He held his hair back because of the half done mess on his head, his gaze was fixed at the yellow curtains of the back area.

I wanted to ask him if he had an idea what was going on but he didn't give me an opportunity. He automatically turned to the Mediterranean looking kitchen boy who stood behind the bar and looked concerned because of the sudden loud voices.

"Nathaniel, usher the customers out! Quick. It's about to get nasty." Blade took lead in an instant, sternly issuing instructions. With one leap he hopped down from the bar stool and hurried around like a commissioned officer to clear the place out. Like a soldier he instructed Nathaniel to usher the customers out of the bar as I quickly packed my cosmetic products together and back into my bag. The voices coming from the back area were getting louder and the few customers which sat in the restaurant area jumped up from their chairs with concerned expressions and hurried towards the exit door after Zac's strict order.

"What's happening over there?" I asked worried, although I knew that whether Blade nor the barkeeper Nathaniel could know the answer. As I heard Bandito barking I got concerned about that too.

"Taylor, take your bag and get up. I'll bring you out of here. We gotta go. It's too dangerous for you here." Blade commanded in his typical soldier commanding tone, wasting no time.

"What? No! Absolutely not! I don't want to leave you alone here Blade." I protested equally taken aback and disagreeing.

"Taylor, listen! This is not the right moment for our damn power games! This place is not safe for you right now."

As he grabbed my arm I got mad at him because he hadn't wash his hands after the meal and I didn't want my new suit get dirty. But it was already too late, there were some visible stains at the crook of my arm from his firm grip.

"Look at this, you made my new suit dirty Blade. Can't you dirty slob wash your hands as is right and proper and treat an elegant gentleman as becomes a gallant soldier? This is a disaster. You act like an animal! I'm expected to appear clean and well dressed at the meeting. And now I have now some dirty finger prints on my new designer suit only because of you. What do you think will my parents in law think of me when I will meet them like this?" I pointed upset at the stains on my sleeve and gave Zac a reproaching look.

"What the fuck are you talking about Taylor?! I know that you are very finicky in the clothes you wear but at some points in your life you gotta realize it's not all about your perfect appearance. Santiago and Bandito are possibly in danger! I have to bring you out of here immediately. Fucking stop being such a bitchy drama queen and take your pretty ass outta here! Your safety comes first; you have to follow my safety rules! Hurry Taylor, I'll bring you to my car."

Okay granted. I tend to get bit overdramatic when my clothes get dirty and I'm overly picky and fussy when it comes to fashion and styling because I've always been a perfectionist in nearly every way. I still didn't know what to think of his behavior, he protected me like it was some sort of protective animal instinct. The only part of me that felt flattered was that he apparently thought I was a too elegant person to get into any fight. Perhaps it was the seriousness of the situation that made me unable to react properly. I was still struggling with Zac's determined acting like he was my big protective bodyguard brother.

Without giving me a chance to object he grabbed my shoulder bag with one hand, my wrist with the other and pulled me undeterred toward the exit. Hastily, I looked around, the other people were luckily already out of ear-shot and there were no other passerby in sight at that moment but I waited a moment to speak to be on the safe side.

"You cannot treat me like that Blade Caziano! Don’t you dare say that my safety is more important than yours ever again! Your safety is equally as important as mine and I do not want you to go back inside there. Something bad may happen to you. Do you understand me?”

I trusted my brother but still I didn't know what was going on in the back area of the bar. It sounded like a brawl and the fact that Zachary wanted to interfere worried me even though I knew he was able to defend himself. I just didn't have a good feeling about it.

The dangerous area in which we were was alive of homeless people, prostitutes and johns. I knew that I couldn't hang around in this quarter without a bodyguard. I couldn't assess if the danger in this situation was bigger than it was from overzealous fans and pushy paparazzos. I only knew one thing for sure; I didn't want him to go back inside!

Blade didn't let me go, he continued to drag me out of the bar. If things starts getting a little crazy, he's definitely the disciplinarian. "My security is not important when my brother is in danger. You know it's my job to protect you." He said conscientiously.

Not knowing what else to do I began to whimper in a quiet protest. How could I explain to him that I was afraid to be alone?

I knew how hard Zac's job was and I tried to accept that from now on it was Zachary's task to take care of me. Besides that, I felt too sensitive to watch a violent scene. Zac seemed to know it. After all he had a good reason after my panic attack and my nightmare last night. As always, he was protective and decisive.


He unlocked the passenger door as we reached his car so I could get inside. "Santiago is my friend Taylor. I got to go and help him, can't you understand that?!?" Protective anger stirred at his dismissive tone. His shrewd eyes were looking like daggers at me for a second. There was grim determination in them and I immediately knew he wouldn't change his mind, no matter what I would say. Doubts rose up in me again if I was acting egoistical. Santiago was his best friend, his family. Of course he wanted to help him. I realized it wasn't the right time to argue with him.

Reluctantly, I climbed into his Lamborghini and he tossed my shoulder bag into my lap. I still felt the urge to stop him though.

"But... I... I don't want you to go." I whined in a pleading tone and clinged onto the sleeve of his leather jacket like a little boy. It was the very first time that I told my little brother that I didn't want to be left alone. The fear of being alone was at least as high as the worry that any harm would happen to him. I guess I couldn't have chosen a worse and more inconvenient time to express that. My rebellious and hot-headed bodyguard brother wouldn't let nothing and no one stop him when it was against his moral. He was like an angry child in a leather jacket. Zachary has always been a loyal person who would go through fire and water for a friend or family member in need.

Loyalty was one of his greatest character strengths.

"Listen Taylor, you stay here and if something happens, don't hesitate to use the pepper spray! I'm gonna lock the car. Stay calm and wait for me. I'll be back soon!" He said, sounding strong and decided. I've noticed I'm receptive to his soldier type of command. His dominant and protective personality always impressed me.

"Okay Cowboy. I'll do what you say." I replied obediently, giving in. "Sorry about the drama with my suit. I know I tend to get a little over dramatic at times." I looked up to my little bodyguard brother with an apologizing look.

"I know that you're expected to look elegant and well dressed and that's why you're a persnickety princess. Sorry that I ruined your new suit and made it dirty." He gave me a wink and I smiled a little. For some reason
I had even begun liking the girly nicknames he gave me from time to time. It was a nice feeling to have some familiarity back in my life which I had missed for a long time.

"Let's forget it. Just please be careful when you go back in the bar, okay?" I pleaded with him worridly. It didn't matter to me anymore if it was awkward or not, I was too anxious I would lose him. My heart was racing every time he left me alone.

"Don't worry about me Tay. Someone like me has learned to be strong."
He took my hand and squeezed it in his to soothe me as I didn't want to let go off him. I understood that he had to go.

Zac was always so confident and powerful in his fearlessness. He's really protective of the people he cares about. A a guy who knows how to use his dark side for good...

I had tears in my eyes when he pulled his hand away from me and stepped back to close the door.

"Zac, I love you man." I said quietly and looked up to him one last time.


His determination never left his composure but for a split of a second, I could have sworn that there was confusion in his eyes; he looked back at me almost a little surprised as if he didn't expect that he still had a brother who still loved him...

Warily, he looking around the place before he responded with a quick nod.

"I love you too bud." he answered quickly, sounding a bit overwhelmed.

With that, he slammed the door next to me and left me alone.
My hand flew to my mouth and I instantly started biting my nails. Salty tears of fear rolled down my cheeks which I couldn't stop but I remained silent. I wouldn't sob like a pathetic crybaby while my little brother put his life on the line for his best friend.

There were so many things left undone. I regretted that I didn't give Santiago a proper thank you for everything that he did for Zachary and that I couldn't say goodbye to him and Bandito. Furthermore, I wanted to take pictures of the Army photos on the walls...

I closed my eyes for a short moment. When I opened them I wiped the tears from my cheeks and looked at the silver metal dog tags hanging from the rear view mirror. He must have gotten them in the army. I reached out and stroked carefully over the inscription on the pendant.

"Blade L. Caziano"

Instinctively, I took the necklace and hung it around my neck. I kept holding the tags in my hand, rubbing my fingers over the letters as if I could make his code name disappear and his real name appear on them. I would just need to rub the name long enough. Silently, I held the necklace tightly above my heart 'cause Zachary was all I could think about. Everything else seemed to be secondary right now.

Zachary who wanted to help his friend but somehow I didn't get rid of the strange feeling inside of me that I wouldn't see him again.


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Chapter Overview: Link

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